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The Department of Information Management


The Department of Information Management (IM) at the National Pingtung University is a combination of information technologies and management information system. It offers concepts of information system design and business system planning, including problem definition and modeling along with information systems topics in network application system design, database management concepts as well as enterprise resource planning and e-commerce. It consists of three academic programs. day undergraduate program, night undergraduate program, and graduate program.

The undergraduate programs (bachelor degrees) are designed for students to have the practical skills and practices for the professions of information System design and Management in Taiwan.

The graduate program (master degree) is designed to combine professional IT knowledge with practical experiences for a career in information system design and application field. There are several areas of concentration, including network system design, database design, data mining, information security, e-commerce and business intelligence. The program does not require students to have undergraduate degrees in IM. However, students might need to take prerequisite courses to reinforce their knowledge and skills if they are not IM undergraduates.


The Master of Information Management is designed to prepare for a career in the information system design and application field. There are several areas of concentration available, including network system design, database design, data mining, information security, e-commerce and business intelligence. The major prerequisite for the program is a Bachelor of Science in a computer-related field. Degrees in other areas may be required to do background work before entering graduate study.



Milestones Events


National Pingtung University was founded, after combining with the National Pingtung University of Education.


The four-year bachelor’s program began; The two-year bachelor’s program was terminated.


The master’s program began.


The four-year, bachelor’s night school program began. The three-year, night school associate degree program was terminated.


The two-year bachelor’s program began, and the two-year associate degree program was terminated.


The three-year, night school associate degree program began.


The Dept. of Information Management was founded, with a two-year associate degree program.


National Pingtung Institute of Commerce was founded.


Chairman Term of Office
Dr. Hsiao,W.F.(蕭文峰) 2016/08 ~ present
Dr. Wei, Dahyea (魏大雅) 2010/08 ~ 2016/07
Dr. Lin, Hsueh-Foo (吳雪馥) 2007/08 ~ 2010/07
Dr. Chen, C.L. (陳俊麟) 2003/08 ~ 2007/07
Dr. Yang, W.L. (楊文霖) 2002/08 ~ 2003/07
Dr. Lin, Hsueh-Foo (吳雪馥) 1996/08 ~ 2002/07
Dr. Shen, M.C. (盛敏成) 1993/08 ~ 1996/07
Dr. Du, J.F. (杜烱峰also as a President of NPIC) 1992/08 ~ 1993/07


The program is oriented to meet the demand of enterprises and markets for professionals within the information management, information systems and web-technology application fields. The emphasis is on student capabilities and skills to develop and use information application and management systems competently and ethically.


A special emphasis is laid on courses related to project development, while student exposure to off-campus, state-of-the-art expertise is enhanced by information specialists and academics invited to our campus as guest speakers.

The department has four computer labs equipped with PCs, servers, and network equipment, in addition to numerous commercial software packages. Together, the program offers a remarkable pool of resources with which students learn to develop software and apply it to e-business and enterprise information systems.

Teaching Goal


Internationalization Enhancing global communications
Educating students with global views and the ability to accommodate the global competition
Practicality Enforcing cooperation with the information industry
Teaching students to become in-demand application system developers
Technology Increasing technical knowledge and its capabilities

Course Design

Program Course Design
Bachelor Year 2017 admission(.pdf)
Year 2016 admission (.pdf)
Year 2015 admission (.pdf)
Bachelor(night school) Year 2017 admission (.pdf)
Year 2016 admission (.pdf)
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Master Year 2017 admission (.pdf)
Year 2016 admission (.pdf)
Year 2015 admission (.pdf)